10 Random Things I’m Happy About

I was thinking about it, and there are so many things to be happy about, so many reasons that I am glad to wake up in the morning and get going on my day.

Obvious reasons to be happy would be my friends, family, a roof over my head etc. But there are so many other random and small things that make me cheerful that people might not think about or only side glance.

I put together a list of 10 random things that make me happy. I have no idea if this will be relatable. But maybe it will get you thinking on the small things that can change your mood around in only a matter of seconds. I know these do that for me.

1. Sunsets


Being obsessed with sunsets is so cliché but I don’t care. When I say that I actually start smiling when I see sunsets, that is not an exaggeration. And I’m not talking close-mouthed smiles here. I am talking mouth wide, teeth clearly visible, close to giddy laughter smiling. I get really excited and I don’t know why. But they’re one of my favorite sights and I’m so glad they happen so often in my backyard.

2. Rolling the car window down

I drive with my windows down probably 9/12 months of the year, only rolling them up for the exception of snow, torrential downpours and temperatures lower than 15 degrees. I just want to give thanks to the person who made roll-down windows a necessity in cars. They were probably put there for safety reasons (my car knowledge is so vast) but I’m very glad they exist because being in my car with the windows down is my favorite pastime. If you don’t enjoy rolling your windows down and playing your music extremely loud, you are lying.

3. Movie theme parks and movie sets exist

jurassic.JPGOkay, you can literally go to Universal Studios and be in Harry Potter World and drink butter beer and buy a wand or go to Jurassic Park and pet a dinosaur, how would that not make you unbelievably happy? These corporations have made it possibly to live out my dream of being a Harry Potter character (go Slytherin) or to pretend I’m a Hobbit living in the Shire (look up Hobbiton if you are not aware what I am talking about) which is by far the best tactic to get people to spend their hard-earned money if I’ve ever seen one. If I had a million dollars, I would go to Harry Potter World and buy all the Slytherin spirit wear, several wands, multiple kinds of wizard candy and probably 50 glasses of butter beer. Also, if I lived in Orlando I would by a yearly pass to the park so I could go every single day for the rest of my life. I’m just saying.

4. Bookstores

I know some people aren’t big readers but if you are, I think you can understand where I am coming from when I say, there is NOTHING BETTER than being surrounded by thousands of books. New books that smell new and are crisp and unread and untouched and shall I go on? I will spend hours at Barnes and Noble and just sit on the ground and read from the small stack of books I’ve picked out. If bookstores ever go out of business, I will RIOT because buying books online is just not the same as picking them out in person. That’s why I’d love to work at Barnes and Noble because then I’d constantly be surrounded by books and therefore, be constantly happy 24/7.

5. You can order food directly to your dorm/house

This is more applicable for my dorm because I literally could order any restaurant in Bloomington and it would somehow arrive on my doorstep. This is a great thing but also a bad thing because I spend too much money on ordering omelets or sushi or pizza or cookies to my dorm when I should probably go use my meal plan. Oh well. Food that requires no effort to get tastes better.

6. You can drop classes

Once upon a time, I enrolled in finite. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a math class that basically only IU offers and it’s the hardest math class on the face of the earth. I had never experienced stress before I entered that class. I think I cried 3 times because I didn’t understand what was going on and when I tried to figure out what was going on, I still didn’t know what was going on. But guess what? I DROPPED THE CLASS. It was a magical moment and one I will remember forever. Except, I have to retake it but let’s not get into that because after all, we are talking about happy subjects, not one’s that bring stress and sadness. Anyways, now obviously you can’t drop every class you deem as difficult but knowing its always an option, is something to be glad about.

7. The gym welcomes everyone

At least mine does. I love seeing people of all different fitness journeys working out at the gym. I love seeing people push themselves and those around them. When I go to the gym, I just want to stay there forever because I’m so motivated by those around me. I could live there and survive off of the water fountains if I had to, that is how much I love it.

8. Pizza

Did the Italians invent pizza? Someone told me they didn’t but either way, god BLESS whoever did because there is nothing that tastes better. I worked at a pizza restaurant for almost 2 years and ate it almost every day I worked (I think I was the restaurants biggest source of income) and I never got sick of it. I never will. There are too many amazing combinations. I could go on and on and talk about pizza but I should probably stop here.

9. Movie theaters

My favorite thing is when a group of random strangers are gathered together for one purpose. And when that one purpose is to see a movie, my heart swells. While watching the same movie, everyone in that theater is going through the exact same emotions as you. I love the similarities between all the different people in that 2-hour time span. Especially scary movies. When everyone is screaming and gasping and freaking out together, it’s something to live for. It makes your movie theater experience 10 times better.

10. Random Compliments

These can perk up your day in a matter of seconds. I remember I was on my third day of rush, waiting outside a house in the dark while it was 2 degrees outside and snowing. My feet were numb from the cold and I was so tired and just wanted the day to be over. Then, this random girl I was talking to just blurted out, “You are so naturally pretty.” I think I literally stepped back in shock because it was so out of the blue and just so nice. I wouldn’t be surprised if I audibly gasped in that moment because I was caught so off guard. But in that second, my mood immediately shot up from 0 to 100 because of that one compliment. You might think compliments are not that big of a deal or that the people you give them to won’t remember but trust me, they will remember.