Please Don’t Shame Me For Wanting Tattoos


Elle’s tattoo

This is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart and if you’ve already given this post a read, you’ll discover that I edited it a lot for a few reasons I won’t go into. So welcome to version 2.0.

All my life I’ve grown up hearing the people around me tell me I can/should never get a tattoo. They’ve labeled everyone with a tattoo as either a) trashy b) a criminal or c) just getting a tattoo for the heck of it and will definitely regret it later.

I’ve heard arguments that I’ll never get a good job, that my peers around me will not respect me, that I’d become a disappointment if I were to get even a drop of ink. Despite what it may seem at the moment, I’m not typing these words to rag on those around me with differing viewpoints. Just hear me out.

I can probably name 20 people right now off the top of my head who have tattoos. They are all very different people but I can tell you three things about all 20 of them that they have in common. They

Aren’t trashy

Aren’t criminals

And didn’t get the tattoos just for the heck of it

The reasons I want tattoos are simple. There are so many individual things that I love so much, that I want them to be put on my body forever. Too many things in life are temporary.

I know a lot of people disagree. In my previous post, I went into a lot of possible reasons why people shame others for wanting tattoos.

There is the fact that tattoos are immortal and will be on your body until the day you die and then some. To that I say, that’s why you’ve got to make it good! When I get tattoos, they will be meaningful for that very reason but if someone were to get a tattoo on a whim with little meaning behind it, that is okay too! It is not my place to judge. It is my job to accept others for their choices because it is their body and I have no say in what they do with it.

We shouldn’t care whether or not someone wants a tattoo because it is not our place to care. There are more important things to focus on that other people’s decisions you don’t agree with.

If you are so concerned with tattoos on someone’s body, you are putting your time and energy into the wrong things. Life is full problems! Problems that we need to work to solve together. But someone getting a tattoo is not one of them. If people put the amount of time they spent wallowing over other’s tattoos into something productive like saving the environment or volunteering, the world would be a much better place.

Besides that, when people have shut me down for wanting tattoos, it hurts my feelings (shocker!!). I’ve experienced moments where those around me just flew at me with offensive jokes and personal attacks on why that is the worst idea to ever be suggested on the face of the earth.

So what if it seems stupid and irrelevant to them, that’s why they’re not getting that tattoo! Because it means nothing to them personally! But to me, it means the world. I shouldn’t be shamed for that.


Grace’s tattoo

Additionally, it always appears as if the people are implying I’m not as valuable with a tattoo, I am not as desirable with a tattoo. And it is offensive. Even if you don’t mean it that way, that is how it can come off.

Now I can understand where some people are coming from or why they would never get a tattoo in a million years. It is a commitment and one you must be willing to make. But if you are not wanting one, it is important to remember that others around you might. Just because you disagree with it, does not mean you need to ridicule someone who does.

We all have different opinions and personalities, that’s what makes the world a wonderful place. But I think it’s so important that everyone remains open-minded and respectful to differing beliefs. Open-mindedness is one of the greatest gifts but it is not one that most people possess. It’s something that all of us have to work towards.

Some of the most brilliant, kindest, open-minded and accepting people have tattoos. Some of the most close-minded, cruel, inconsiderate people don’t. A tattoo does not make or break you. It does or does not make you a good person.

Tattoos have no meaning behind them except the ones you give them.

So if you have close friends and families who want or have tattoos already, just love them for it, whether or not you agree with it. It’s not a hard job to love those around you. Trust me.