Best Restaurants in Bloomington

My sister is visiting this weekend and what I’m most excited about is to take her out to different restaurants for every meal. I’ve become obsessed with really good food recently and I think it’s because I have a lack of good food at my dining halls. Bloomington has a vast array of restaurants and from living here for 7 months, I think I’ve found my favorites. This will basically be a photo story of really fantastic looking food so prepare yourself.

Scotty’s Brew House

The first time I’d gone to Scotty’s was a couple weeks ago and now I’m obsessed with it. My recommendation would be their nachos and burgers. My dad said the nachos were some of the best he’d ever had and the peanut butter burger is definitely something you must try. Now that I am no longer a vegetarian (lasted 1 month), I am constantly craving their burgers because unlike a lot of restaurants, they have gluten free buns! If you’re gluten free and looking for a good burger, go here.


King Dough

I’m always searching for a place with gluten free pizza and thank god I found somewhere in Bloomington. Their pizza is cooked in a brick oven and besides delicious pizza, they serve great salads and gelato too. I don’t go here enough.




I love this place so much. Not only are their fries out of this world, but all their food is from local suppliers from the Bloomington area. Everything is organic and all their meat is grass-fed from free-range cows. Restaurants that are from farm to table are the best kind of restaurants. I wish more places like this existed.


Siam House


Thai food makes my heart happy. They have the best pad thai and fried rice that comes served in a pineapple. They also give you these weird spongy things for the table before your meal comes out. They have the consistency of Styrofoam which I really like even though they barely taste like anything. That description probably didn’t sell you but I promise you, the other food items are worth it. Go here now.


The Runcible Spoon

This was the first restaurant I’d ever gone to in Bloomington and it has some quality breakfast food let me tell you. Also, the interior of the restaurant is very quirky and unique and gives you a lot to look at while you’re enjoying your meal. I like their omelets and breakfast potatoes a lot but lately I’ve been ordering this salmon hash which is mashed potatoes topped with smoked salmon and eggs. That might sound super weird to some people but it is SO GOOD. Highly recommend.


There you have it! The best (in my opinion) of Bloomington. These are the restaurants that you can frequently find me at and that I highly recommend. I still have many more restaurants to try here over my next 3 years but so far, these have been great finds.