Why I Love Airports

I can’t even count the number of planes I’ve been on or airports I’ve visited. I’ve been lucky enough to have been traveling by air ever since I was a toddler and its only increased over the years.

It is a place that allows you to escape while also being able to return to where you came from at any time. Airports are so simple, allowing you to buy a ticket to a country across the world in a matter of seconds. You board that over-crowded plane and that is when you know, you are on your way.

To me, airports feel like home. I love the promise of a new destination. You can go anywhere in the world at any point in your life. When you enter an airport, you know in a matter of hours you will be somewhere different to where you are currently. It can be a relief.

I love the atmosphere. I love seeing people running through the airport as they rush to board their flight or just relaxing at the gate, waiting until it’s time. It’s stressful, exciting, boring, crazy, crowded, overwhelming, comforting all at once. There are so many different branches of the airport, so many different little things happening unanimously. There are the planes taking off, one after the other while others planes are just beginning their descent. There are the restaurants working to serve people their dinner before they board or serve drinks at the bar for those who are nervous flyers. The tiny stores and kiosks selling magazines or candy or even MAC makeup (which I will never understand). It’s an intricate system with one goal: to get people where they are going as painlessly as possible.

I love the people. The airport is filled with thousands of them, rushing about to get somewhere that you could probably never dream of for reasons you will never know. There are the ones going on family vacations, others traveling for work or those just trying to get away. There are people going to new places, old places, places they haven’t been in years. They could be flying for the first time, their last time, maybe just another countless time in the middle. They could be terrified out of their mind or unbelievably excited. There are so many stories at work within an airport, ones that I am dying to know but never will. It is a place that is bringing together thousands of people from all over the word for the single purpose of travel.

I love airports because everyone becomes the same. Upon boarding the aircraft, everyone has the same goal and for that moment, we are no different from anyone else. We are afraid of the turbulence, exhausted because it’s a long-haul flight, we are all leaving someone behind. There is a sense of unity, at least in that small moment. You are not alone.

Every trip to the airport is an adventure. You learn lessons as you figure out the do’s and don’ts of travel. You will miss flights, you will forget your passport, misplace your ticket, run late for boarding. You may become stressed and want to cry because things aren’t going your way but despite the many issues that can come up, you’ll always end up where you are supposed to go. You just have to keep breathing and remember it will all turn out somehow.

I’m not sure if anyone else has thought as thoroughly on this subject as I have but airports are a place of magic. If you just stop and look around, you will see it all too clearly.