Chicago: Where to Eat

Sydney and I ate at various restaurants throughout our 4 days in Chicago and though we probably weren’t there long enough to really have a full idea of all the restaurants Chicago has to offer and which are the best, there were a few that really stuck out to us. Though these might not be the most affordable places throughout the city, the quality of the food and unique restaurant styles made each place worth the prices. If you are from the city or visiting, these are definitely places that you should give a try.


The Hampton Social

If people have heard of this restaurant, it’s most likely for their famous “Rosé all day” sign that hangs above some of their tables in the back. This restaurant has the most adorable, beachy feel, I was obsessed. The interior is almost entirely white, with couches and hammocks sprinkled around for people who are casually drinking mimosas or chatting with friends. I feel like this restaurant was styled straight out of the Hamptons look book (hence the name perhaps).



Besides the appearance, the food just blew my mind. The amount of gluten free options they had was astounding, including a fish and chips dish that was incredible (and naturally gluten free). The menu was majority seafood, including salmon tartare and a shrimp cocktail. If I could have gone back every single day of the trip to try something new off the menu, I would have. This was probably my favorite place we ate and a one that I definitely recommend.


The Signature Room at the 95th

For all you Cincinnati people, The Signature Room was equivalent to the pricing and quality of Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. Though it may be $50 a steak, it ‘twas a delicious steak nonetheless. Our main reasoning for making a reservation at this restaurant was due to the view.


It sits atop the John Hancock building, allowing for the best views of the city. We also asked for a window seat, so we’d be as close as possible.

The food was incredible, the view was amazing, all together, the experience was worth the cost. This is probably one of those places you wouldn’t want to eat at all the time, but if you’re just visiting the city for a few days or live there and have a special occasion, I think this is a option that you should definitely check out.


The 3 Arts Club Café at Restoration Hardware

Now this was an interesting restaurant because it sits within a furniture exhibit. Sound unusual? Yes, I’d think so. You can feel free to explore the Restoration Hardware items or take a seat within the café, which offers a dining experience like no other.


The restaurant sits beneath a large glass dome which allows the sun to stream freely upon the diners below. Additionally, I think the tables were arranged specifically to showcase the large fountain at the center of the room.

Aside from the beautiful dining room, the menu was filled with juices, coffees and different pastries. Being gluten free, I clearly couldn’t try any of the deserts (though the people next to us had some and they looked amazing) but we still ordered a satisfying meal of salads and French fries. I love a good French fry.


These were just a few of the many restaurants but by far my favorites of the entire trip. If you’re willing to dish out a couple extra bucks, I can guarantee, it’ll be worth it.