Finding Love for Cincinnati

Growing up, I was never really a fan of Cincinnati. I thought it was boring and basic and literally anywhere else in the world seemed like it had more to offer.

When I went to high school though, that all changed. My world that had been incredibly small immediately became shockingly big. I discovered that there was a West Side to Cincinnati (honestly, who knew?) and that the city didn’t just consist of Mason, Loveland and Downtown (that blew my 13 year old mind).

I recently came home after a friend of mine passed away. As I’ve been here for the last few days, I’ve found myself floating around the areas I used to be spend copious amounts of time at. And I found myself actually feeling something I don’t typically feel…nostalgia, is it? Must be.

Of course after I’ve left Cincinnati is when I finally start to truly appreciate it but I guess that’s how a lot of things go. But now that I’m away at school, I find myself wanting to bring my college friends here, to take them to all my favorite places and show them why it’s a city worthy of visitors. Will I move back here one day in the future? If I were in grade school or high school, my answer would be **** no. But now, I’m honestly not quite sure. There are various reasons why I think people should make visits to Cinci but I’ll just name a few.

The Food

ioldzfI think this one is pretty obvious. Cincinnati is known for its staple food items; we have many restaurants that you (sadly) can’t find anywhere else. Skyline, Montgomery Inn, Graeters would probably be the big 3 that are Cincinnati born and raised. But I could probably name 100 more places that the city has to offer.

High school daily routine: Alternate between The Weekly Juicery in Hyde Park or Green Dog Café for an after school snack. Eat Dewey’s Pizza for dinner (or breakfast and lunch would work too).

I talk about these restaurants so much to my friends in college that I probably sound like a broken record. But I can’t help but miss them (especially Dewey’s).

The Roads

This might be a weird one. I absolutely love driving and while living in Cincinnati, I have had to do plenty. From living 35 minutes away from my high school, to having all my friends live 40 minutes away, sprawled across the city, I’ve come to know Cincinnati like the back of my hand. Who would have thought, the girl who only knew of Mason and Loveland would suddenly know basically every route within Anderson, Madeira, Hyde Park and more? I know, it’s shocking. That’s why I tend to hang out at my friend’s houses more than my own—I like the drives.

My School

Never in a million years did I think I’d ever return to my high school after graduation. Well, I did and surprisingly, I feel like I’ll be back again. I never realized what a special place my high school was. It had so much diversity since it took in girls from all over Cincinnati (hence why my friends lived so dang far away). It was a good place where a lot of growing up happened and I’m thankful for all the friends I made and things I participated in throughout my 4 years. Additionally, I’m obsessed with the architecture and styling of my school since it is comprised of multiple buildings. Its unlike any other high school in Cincinnati. And since they are doing a lot of remodeling, it’s probably going to be 10 times better than when I went there (I am bitter). So to every eighth grader out there? St. Ursula Academy is the right choice.

The Activities

ozlkd.JPGCincinnati Zoo, Bunbury Music Festival, Oktober Fest, Reds games, Bengals games and so many more random things. Downtown actually has a lot of cool things to offer and that happen annually. Even just spending time in Over-the-Rhine and walking around or hanging out in Washington Park is a fun way to spend the day. Despite our sports teams sucking, there is nothing I love more than tailgating for Bengals games in the freezing cold or going to Reds games in the unbearable heat. So many fun things to do, so little time.


Cincinnati is a great city that I’ve finally learned to appreciate. I’m glad I grew up somewhere that was big enough for me to meet people from all over and to have a plethora of things to do. If you have the chance, I think coming here for a visit would be worth your time. I know it is for me.