2018: Current Life Goals

DSC04378.jpg2018. That came out of nowhere. Since it’s a new year, I’ve obviously been thinking about this past year and everything I accomplished or didn’t accomplish. This year was pretty eventful with new relationships, dope vacations and random adventures.

Even with a great year under my belt, I’ve realized that I’ve been really sucking in some categories of my life. After having a two-week winter break to really think about this past year, I’ve come up with some new life goals for myself. New year’s resolutions, so to speak (even though I really hate that phrase). So instead, I’m calling it my current life goals.

1. Work on My Health

From junior year of high school to freshman year of college, I was a beast when it came to kicking my butt in the gym. I did everything from kickboxing, joining the track team, HIIT workouts and weight lifting. I was so unbelievably focused on eating healthy and working out every day, I made the gym my number one priority 6 days a week. I ate copious amounts of salads and vegetables and fruits and would get so pissed and disappointed in myself when I would break the routine and order cookies, pizza, chicken wings etc. on the weekends.

Now let us fast forward to this most recent semester where I’m pretty sure I’ve worked out probably 6 times total (YIKES). I almost forget what a vegetable looks like and I think I eat at Chipotle a minimum of 2 times a week. Not to mention, I’ve recently discovered that in addition to gluten, I’m allergic to eggs, dairy and corn. Since that is basically almost all good food, I can’t help but cheat sometimes (all the time) and eat them anyways which is very, very bad for me (YIKES again).

I realized that for me personally, being unhealthy isn’t an option. I have more health issues than everyone I know combined and I really need to start taking care of myself in order to not create any new problems or worsen current ones in the future.

2. Make Money and Save It

I’ve always been bad at this. I just recently got a job at Mcalister’s Deli in Bloomington and my parents said I’m the only person they know who would have less money in their bank account after getting a job than before.

I don’t even like shopping or anything like that so who really knows where all of it goes. But I’m trying to study abroad in the fall and will therefore need a great amount of money to do everything I want to do while I’m there.

I’ve never been good at budgeting because I usually forget that there is a limit to my funds and tend to just YOLO most of my spending. But in order to save up enough for studying abroad or my future just in general, learning to budget and to save money is crucial.

3. Blog More

I was really good about this when I first started this blog but then it started to dwindle when my website broke down over the summer and I didn’t know how to fix it because I literally don’t understand technology at all.

For example, it took me two full days to figure out how to connect iMessage to my computer. So you can imagine how long it took for me to figure out how to fix a broken website. Several months.

Additionally, I get distracted by things going on in my every day life and therefore, ending up making blogging my last priority. Sometimes I even forget I have a blog because of all the other stuff happening around me.

But blogging and writing is a really big stress relief for me, especially because I always have a lot to say, whether it be about personal issues in my life or something travel related. I spend a great amount of money just to own this website so it’s dumb to let it sit around with no new content.

My goal is to hopefully start posting once a week or at least every other week.






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    Tim viox

    January 10, 2018

    Wow… who are you??? What a great blog

    • Reply

      Maggie Viox

      January 11, 2018

      Thanks dad!!